Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter weekend

Easter weekend Fred, Jenny, Kailyn, Carsyn and Luke came to visit us. We had a wonderful time! We didn't do too much. We mostly sat around visited, were entertained by the kids and watched movies. We were all packed for a picnic at Petit Jean and Carsyn came down with an earache. Jenny and I ended up at a clinic with him on Saturday. Thankfully the meds kicked in soon and he felt better by Easter Sunday. We had an Easter egg hunt on Sunday after church and then came home and had a photo shoot. These are a conglomeration of my pictures and Jenny's pictures. We miss you guys! Come back soon!
With our niece and nephews

Jenny and Kailyn

Kailyn looking for Easter eggs

Carsyn with his basket full

Me and Jenny

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

It's so hard to believe that I'm 30! I don't know what I thought I would feel like at 30, but I still feel like I'm in my early 20's! Even though I kind of wanted to avoid this birthday, I had a lot of people that helped to make my it special.

Dad and Mom came down the weekend before my birthday and we had a great time. Mom had put together 30 presents for my 30th birthday and made delicious and adorable cupcakes. She also cooked all weekend which was the best present of all!
My 30 presents
We also got to celebrate with 2 of my 3 college roomies (missed you, Melissa!). We met up at Cozymel's (so yummy) and then headed to Angela and Jason's after dinner. The girls got me a cake and we had a great time!
Piper is posing by a beautiful afghan that my mother-in-law made me for my birthday. I love it!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Feb 12: Flowers}

These are the beautiful flowers my Valentine sent to me :)

{Feb 11: Kids Helping Kids}

The kids from church had an idea to raise money for St. Jude's. This was from their first meeting. They had raised $120!

Happy Birthday, Burke!

This weekend my college roommate, Ashley, had a 1st birthday party for her daughter, Burke. It was so adorable! Of course, I would expect no less from Ashley! The best part is that I got to see Ashley and Angela and their families. Unfortunately, Jeremy couldn't go because of work stuff, but we have a dinner planned soon for all of us and our hubbies. Now if only Melissa and John would move back to Arkansas... :)

Yummy cupcakes!

The door decor

Ash and the birthday girl

Eating her cake (which she cared nothing about)

Opening her presents

Pretty, birthday girl

My College Roomies, sans Melissa. We missed you, Melissa!

The Grace Family

Allison and Ang



Still alive...

I'm sorry that I have been absent from my blogging lately. I don't have any excuse. I kind of just slacked on my daily pictures and my posting. So, I'll try to do the *few* daily pictures I took during my hiatus. But, just because I missed a week (or 2), I'm not going to give up on my daily pictures...I'm starting again!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Feb 8: This is for the Birds...Literally}

When Jeremy threw bread out the door for the birds, Piper was quite upset. When we let her out, she let us know she wanted it instead!